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TechTrunk Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
Hyderabad, TG, India

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A Spirit Of Innovation

The one step of innovative solution for two big factors towards "Developed India" ; "Skillfull India" and "Big Productivity of Industries" is TechTrunk Ventures
Thus, TechTrunk Ventures as the name says is the Trunk of Technology whose branches are wide spread into INDUSTRY and EDUCATION.

Our Mission

India has been an "Underdeveloping Country" since decades . India , also termed as "Developing Country" is one among the greatest nations where everything spreads fast , grows fast when provided with proper resources .There started the thought which turned to mission resulting in the now TechTrunk Ventures towards "Developed India" . Two factors play a vital role in the development of nation

  • * Skillful Nation
  • * "Qualitative + Quantitative" Productivity of industries
Thus, TechTrunk Venture's motto –
  1. Skillful India
  2. Big Productivity of Industries

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TechTrunk Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, TG
Looking for Business Development Executive 

Posted: 13.05.2016
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